About Our School


Over 20 Years of Experience

Deutschpartner aims to make life in Germany easier for you and your family. We understand that a sense of dislocation in a new country can lead to personal frustration and affect family life. It can also result in
losses for the company. 

Since 2001, Deutschpartner has been serving the Frankfurt area in the field of German language teaching and cross-cultural training. Our clients are global companies who understand the value of such skills. Our work is based on the belief that knowledge of language and culture of your host country are keys for a successful cooperation and an enjoyable overseas assignment.

At Deutschpartner, we don’t offer large groups where you don’t get much of the teacher’s attention. In Deutschpartner’s private lessons and small groups, the teacher will focus on you individually. We will look exactly at your specific needs in:


Work Life

  • Vocabulary for your line of business
  • Small Talk
  • Presentations
  • HR, finance, workers’ council etc.

Private Life

  • Shopping
  • Consultation at the doctor
  • Travelling etc.